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Welcome to the Wild Growing Collective!


URVISION august 11-17, 2013

Time for Urvision again! Find out more under Urvision.



URVISION 15th-21st of August 2011

In a forest southwest of Stockholm, Sweden

Urvision is a vision of our native life way. We invite you who are longing for a life beyond civilisation to a week of visioning, networking, thought and skill sharing, in a natural environment. We invite you to be part of the wild, where we can find energy and get inspiration in our striving towards a balanced life. Our vision for the gathering is a week which includes all aspects of a life as hunter-gatherers. We’re striving for a perspective of wholeness that touches the practical, mental, social and spiritual aspects of native living. This perspective also includes how to best defend nature, against the destructiveness of civilization.

Urvision will be held in the spirit of freedom, in which giving is receiving. So if you don’t have any money, you can still come to the gathering. The food, vegan and paleo, will be free, or based on donations. And during the days of the gathering, you can come and go as you please.

Urvision is non-hierarchal, which means that there are no leaders, and that we will all share the responsibility for making the gathering. We hope that everyone will be prepared to take part in the daily activities of camp, and we would like to create an atmosphere that inspires everyone to feel confident about making decisions, arranging workshops and taking responsibility. This also means that we want the gathering to be safe for people to be queer, and open to what they really feel. This means that we as a group would like to raise the awerness on the feelings and thoughts (sexism, racism, hetrosexism, guilt etc.) we have gained through our civilized life. Doing this we hope to create a safe space that will enable people to express their feelings and needs. The gathering also offers an alchohol and drug free space. We also ask you to leave your pets at home.

This is also a childrens gathering, were wildernes becomes the playground! We would like to make an effort to make families, old people, and people with special needs to feel welcome. So if you would like to come, but think it’s problematic, please contact us, and we might be able to help you, for example with transportation.

From the 11th-14 of Aug we will set up the gathering. And from the 22-23th of Aug, we will take it down. We need your help! Let us know if you can help us.

For more information about what we’re planning to do during the gathering, about what’s good to bring and for directions, contact us through Tell us when and how many you are coming, and if you would like to arrange a workshop.

For a life in harmony with nature,

 - The Wild Growing Collective




This year, once again, we had a successful Urvision. Masses of workshops and new meetings between different people in the beautiful nature. We now hope that people will help us organise next years Urvision wherever it will be.

Live free and be wild

The Wild Growing Collective

P.S. Keep your eyes open for the new VargaTid zine.



Urvision gathering 9-15 august 2010

Again this year we are going to have a wonderfull gathering in the forest! This time in a new location, but still in the vicinity of Stockholm. We want to create an open, relaxed gathering where we can learn, have fun, and make friends. We hope that everybody want to participate and take responsibillity for making the gathering as good as possible.

We want workshops about a wide range of subjects. From practical skills to queer discussions. Do you want to arrange a workshop? Let us know, so we have an idea about how many there will be.

A week before the gathering we will meet in the forest to set up the camp. Everybody who wants to come and help out and have a good time, are welcome. We also need to stay a few days after and take down the camp.

If you want to come to the gathering, have questions, or want to make a workshop, send an email to:

More information on workshops and what to bring will come later.

See you in august!

the Wild Growing Collective



The snow is laying like a blanket on the forest and the temperature is
getting down into the minuses. But we know that the sun and warmth
will soon come back and Spring is soon here and that makes us think
about this years Urvision. Last years gathering was beautiful and
we're looking forward to this summer.

We want to know who is interested in helping to organise for this year (and we really need to be some more people helping). There were a few people living in different countries who wanted to help organise so it is not sure that it will be in Sweden. We were thinking of meeting up to talk about this and also how we want the gathering to be and if we want to grow some of the food for it.

Please email us if you are interested or if you know good places where to
hold it!

The Wild Growing Collective




Hey all,
we were thinking of having a week long gathering in the forest this winter from 28th Dec - 4th Jan, close to the spot of the gathering. Smaller than Urvision, but still beautiful.

The idea is for people to come, and for us to eat, dance, play music, make things, share skills, discuss, do whatever we want together.

We are going to have a communal tipi for hanging out, cooking and sleeping. We will have a fire going, so it should be nice and warm. We also have two winter shelters that can get really hot; people can go there to get warmed up, and some people can sleep there.

It's necesary to bring warm clothing and a good sleepingbag. Warm boots and mittens, a hat, extra socks. Several layers of clothing are recommended rather than one heavy jacket, because it's easier to adjust body temperature and dry wet clothes.

The weather can change a lot. It has been quite warm and rainy, but one night it was -7 C, and the lake froze over.

Bring food and musical instruments. If you want to share skills or have a discussion, bring what you need.

Write and ask for directions on how to get here if you are coming. It's also good for us to know how many people will come.

Much love

The Wild Growing Collective


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