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About us

About us

We are a network of people longing for a life in harmony with nature. We are longing for our native lifeway. For a life as hunter and gatherers, the life we were meant to live. A life in which we become the free and wild beeings we really are, in which all other beings become our sisters and brothers. A life based on mutual respect, instead of the now almost ever present exploitation. An exploitation that has been going on all since the beginning of civilization, since humans started to domesticate plants and animals, which was the beginning of an evil spiral of more and more inbalance. An inner inbalance which manifests itself in the outer reality, which in turn reinforces the outer inbalance, in an ever accelerating process.

We try to break this evil spiral. We see ourselves as a part of the awakening that goes on around the world. An awakening that builds on the realization about how unfulfilling and unsustainable the lifeways of modern humans are. This awakening is a reconnection to the ancient wisdom, the original way of living. The way that all wild beeings live.

As we see ourselves as part of nature and therefore feel compassion with all life, resistance against civilisation, and its unavoidable destructiveness, becomes selfevident. Defending nature is always self defence.

At the same time as we defend ourselves against civilisations assault on life, we strive towards finding a more balanced way of living. We do this, amongst other things, through arranging wilderness gatherings (see activities) in order to connect with other people and with the Earth. We see these gatherings as steps on the path towards a permanent life in the wild.

We do not plan to isolate ourselves from the civilised world, but instead spread these thoughts and ideas. We want to give to others what we have been given. This webpage is a part of that. Other parts are for example our zine Vargatid (in swedish, see texts) and also we arrange film screenings and discussion meetings (se activities).

We gladly want to get in contact with you and all others who are on a similar path.

For a life in harmony with nature,

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